What are the types of sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal working is a manufacturing process that is mainly used to process sheet metal into parts of various shapes and sizes. There are many types of sheet metal working, and a few common types are described below.

Laser cutting machines

Manual machining Manual machining refers to the machining process is mainly completed by manual labor, applicable to small quantities, the requirements of the accuracy of the parts processing is not high. The advantage of machine processing is high processing efficiency and high precision, but the disadvantage is the high cost of equipment, only suitable for mass production.

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that cuts by irradiating a high-energy laser beam on the surface of the material, causing the material to rapidly melt, vaporize or reach the ignition point, while blowing away the melted or burned portion of the material with a high-speed airflow. The advantages of laser cutting are high precision, block speed, and the ability to process parts of various shapes, but the disadvantages are the high cost of equipment and the need for specialized technicians to operate.

Surface treatment refers to the modification or protection of the surface of a material by various chemical or physical methods to achieve the desired performance and appearance requirements. There are many types of surface treatments, such as electroplating, chemical oxidation, anodizing, and spraying. The advantage of surface treatment is that it can improve the performance and durability of the material surface, such as improving the surface hardness and abrasion resistance, improving the surface aesthetics and miniaturization. However, the disadvantage is that the process is complicated and requires specialized technology and equipment, while it may generate environmental pollution and safety issues.

Post time: Aug-02-2023