What are the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal laser cutting and forming technology?

The main advantages of sheet metal laser cutting and forming technology include:

High precision: laser cutting can achieve high-precision cutting with small error and stable and reliable processing quality.
High efficiency: laser cutting speed is fast, can quickly cut various shapes of metal sheets, improve production efficiency.
Can cut complex shapes: laser cutting can cut metal sheets of various complex shapes, such as round, arc, irregular shapes, etc., to meet a variety of different processing needs.
Good quality of cut: the cut of laser cutting is flat and smooth, no need for post-processing such as grinding, which saves cost and time.
Environmental protection: the laser cutting process does not produce any waste, exhaust and other pollution, it is an environmentally friendly processing method.

3D laser tube cutting

However, there are some drawbacks to sheet metal laser cutting and forming technology, including:

High cost of equipment: laser cutting equipment is more expensive, and the investment cost is larger.
Fast laser loss: the laser has a relatively short service life and needs to be replaced frequently, which increases the cost of use.
Limitations: For some metal materials with large thickness and high hardness, laser cutting may have certain limitations.
In general, sheet metal laser cutting and forming technology is an advanced processing method with great advantages and wide application prospects. However, it is also necessary to take into account its shortcomings and limitations.

Post time: Aug-05-2023