Teach you about the different types of laser cutting

Laser cutting is a method of cutting a workpiece by using a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, causing it to locally melt, vaporize, or reach the ignition point, and at the same time blowing away the melted or vaporized material with a high-speed airflow. According to different cutting methods and application scenarios, laser cutting can be categorized into various types.

The main types include:

Melting cutting: mainly for stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials. The laser beam locally melts the material, and the molten liquid is blown away by the gas to form a cutting seam.
Oxidation cutting: mainly for metal materials such as carbon steel. Oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas to chemically change with the hot metal material, releasing a large amount of heat flow and cutting off the material.
Gasification cutting: For carbon materials, certain plastics and wood, etc. The high power density of the laser beam focal point causes the material to be rapidly heated to the evaporation temperature, part of the material evaporates, and part of the material is blown away by the gas.
The advantages of laser cutting are mainly:

High precision: laser cutting can achieve millimeter-level accuracy with good repeatability.
High speed: laser cutting speed is fast, can quickly complete the cutting of various materials.
Small heat-affected zone: the cutting edge is neat and smooth, with little deformation and damage to the material.
Suitable for a wide range of materials: including metal, non-metal, plastic and wood.
High degree of automation: it can be networked with computer to realize automatic processing.
However, laser cutting also has some disadvantages:

Technical complexity: requires specialized skills and related knowledge to operate.
High energy loss: Higher power energy is required for operation, and energy loss is higher.
Short life span of wearing parts: Some key components have a relatively short life span and need to be replaced frequently.
Expensive: The price of laser cutting machine is high, which is not affordable by ordinary consumers.
Safety hazards: high laser output power, material fumes and odors may affect the working environment, need to take safety measures.
In summary, laser cutting has many advantages, but also need to pay attention to its shortcomings and potential risks when using.

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Post time: Apr-26-2024