Laser cutting service process requirements

As a key technology in modern manufacturing, the process requirements for laser cutting services are critical to ensure cutting quality and efficiency. The following is a brief introduction to the process requirements of laser cutting services.

First of all, laser cutting service requires the selection of high-quality laser and cutting head. Laser is the core component of laser cutting equipment, its stability and power directly affect the cutting effect. The cutting head is the direct part of the interaction between the laser beam and the workpiece, and its precision and durability have an important impact on the cutting quality.

Secondly, laser cutting service has high requirements on workpiece materials. Different materials have different absorption and reflection rates of laser light, so it is necessary to select appropriate laser parameters and cutting processes for different materials. At the same time, factors such as the thickness, hardness and surface state of the material will also affect the cutting effect, so it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments in the process.

In terms of process settings, laser cutting services need to accurately control parameters such as the focal position of the laser beam, cutting speed and gas pressure. The focal point position determines the range of action of the laser beam on the workpiece and needs to be adjusted according to the material and thickness of the workpiece. The cutting speed affects the quality and efficiency of the cut surface and needs to be set accordingly. Gas pressure is used to assist in cutting and cooling the workpiece, and needs to be adjusted according to the cutting material and process requirements.

In addition, laser cutting services also need to pay attention to safety issues. In the operation process, relevant safety regulations must be observed to ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

In summary, the process requirements of laser cutting services cover equipment, materials, process settings and safety. Only by strictly adhering to these requirements can we ensure cutting quality and efficiency and provide customers with high-quality laser cutting services.

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Post time: May-25-2024